Features of Bliss

Excellent Bliss Education:

As an English version school with an international dimension, Bliss International Academy creates an optimal learning environment with home feeling. BIA offers friendly and safe environment in which learners are challenged to purposefully learn and collaborate with the Islamic manners and sunnah of Prophet Muhammad(SM).

Features of Bliss:

➤ An exceptional educational institution setting up to provide quality education to
produce highly skilled and honest citizens for the country as well as whole Muslim
➤ Directed by the active supervision of ex-principals and teachers from different
famous English medium, version Schools and Madrasah.
➤ Country’s eminent Advisory board.
➤ Highly experienced Principal.
➤ Immensely qualified, dedicated, caring and loving teachers.
➤ Complete English and Arabic version.
➤ Compulsory Arabic and Quran teaching.
➤ Quran Hifz, Mas’ala, Practical teaching of daily Dua.
➤ Geography Class room to introduce the world to the students.
➤ Teaching by using modern technology (Computers, Internet, Projectors, Videos,
➤ Special Classes for weak students to achieve the highest results.
➤ To enable students to speak English and Arabic fluently, acquired skills of debate,
presentation, speech, etc.
➤ Four monthly class tests and two term exams will be held in every year as a part of
regular assessment.
➤ Annual prize giving and cultural events.
➤ Scholarships for meritorious students.
➤ Well-equipped, nicely decorated and attractive environment.
➤ Air- conditioned classrooms.
➤ Medical checkup by registered physicians.
➤ Indoor and outdoor games.
➤ Education trips and annual picnic.

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